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Collaboration Project: To Market!

posted Feb 15, 2019, 12:39 AM by Jason Brunken   [ updated Feb 15, 2019, 12:39 AM ]
Starting this coming week, our students (both Grade 2 ASLA classes) and our pen pals in Ms. Suleman's class at the International School Moshi in Arusha, Tanzania will be working together on a project. The mission is to help the kids discover and learn about goods, services, and how they are exchanged in markets. During this project students will visit some local markets and write about what makes them. our pen pals will do the same for markets in Tanzania, and we will compare and contrast the markets in our countries, the goods they carry, and the distances those goods travel to get to us. As final task, your students will learn about ethics and what the etiquette is for different markets when you go there.

We hope to involve parents a little in this project as well. The first part of this involvement starts this weekend. The students took home a list of goods that can be found around the house. We hope the kids can find as many as possible and write in where the good was made and where they bought it. Both of our classes and our pen pals are taking this sheet home. We will use this data to calculate how far our goods have traveled to get to us and then compare and contrast that information with our pen pals'. I know the kids will be excited to learn how connected our planet is, even though we hardly notice it at times. Your help is much appreciated in getting this sheet completed. If you did not see this sheet. you can find it here, and print another copy.

The next task your child will need your help with will be in understanding the etiquette of our markets. Later this month, your child will bring questions home to ask you. Help them understand some of the rules and norms of our markets. We hope our students can learn how those rules often change from place to place and market to market.

This project will take some time to finish. When the kids are done, they will have collaborated with our friends in Tanzania to write a small book about markets in Tanzania and Taiwan, the goods they carry, and accepted etiquette for each. They will also have compared and contrasted markets and goods found in each country. Finally, they will have prepared a presentation to share this information with you, the parents, at the Annual ASLA Expo in April. If you have any questions about the project until then, please contact me.