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Extension: Writing a Realistic Fiction Story

posted Mar 19, 2019, 6:38 PM by Jason Brunken
It is Parent-Teacher Conferences week, and our class has begun writing our second stories of the year, realistic fiction. We are circling back for the next couple of months to review story writing and give the kids a chance to practice writing narratives. Storytelling is a very important part of writing and learning a language. Storytelling often inspires kids to be expressive explore new words, and experiment with new ways to tell or describe an event. 

This week, Grade 2 students are writing their second stories of the year, a realistic fiction story. Realistic fiction is any story that has characters, settings, and evens that did not really happen, but could happen. This is in contrast to fantasy stories that are set in places that can't be real and have characters and problems that could never exist in our world. Examples of realistic fiction are the Henry and Mudge books, Nate the Great, and Horrible Harry. The students have already reviewed story writing and have begun prewriting and drafting Monday. I am excited to see their finished stories. Below is the prewrite sheet we will use to plan our stories.