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This week: Working in Space

posted Apr 10, 2016, 2:25 AM by Jason Brunken
Great job at the ASLA Expo! Thank you to our parents who came to support the kids' hard work. I trust you enjoyed the event.

We are now moving back into Journeys for the next couple of weeks before our extension project later this month where we will review expository writing. This week we are reading Working in Space, a nonfiction book about some of the many jobs astronauts do in space. This reading selection is interesting for the kids and a great way to get back into the mode of reading and analyzing nonfiction after so long reading and focusing on stories. Our focus while reading will be on the text and graphics features of the selection, namely headings and caption. It's review, but very important review.

Throughout the week we will be practicing our spelling words on the /ow/ sound. We will also practice vocabulary and grammar (possessive nouns). Please refer to the weekly handout sheet below for the spelling and vocabulary words. Don't forget to practice.