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Writing progress

posted Dec 4, 2013, 11:37 PM by Jason Brunken
High School Sucks
It has been amazing watching this class progress so much this semester in writing. Each student was a strong writer early in the year, but after some guidance and lots of practice, they are all writing some excellent compositions. We just finished our research report assignment, and I am very proud of each student's work. Each student wrote four informative paragraphs about an animal of their choice. The results are hanging in our classroom. Students will also be bringing their reports home today. I hope you all enjoy them.

This week, I am teaching the students how to write simple stories. We are reviewing the parts of a story and learning how to prewrite and plan a short story. I start with a simple 1-2-3 model for story writing. Three paragraphs, the first to tell about the characters and setting, the second to tell about the problem and what happened to fix it, and a final paragraph to end the story. 

The writing assignment for this month is to write a true story. Students will get an opportunity to practice these skills by writing a short story about something that really happened to them in the past. I know they will all do very well. AS the year progresses, we will revisit the skills. Students should get an opportunity to write a couple more stories before summer.