Vocabulary words for Ugly Vegetables

posted Oct 13, 2012, 9:06 AM by Jason Brunken
Below are the vocabulary words we are working on this week for Ugly Vegetables. Please take some time to review them periodically or check back here to practice the words.

    1. blooming (v.) – blossoming; growing into a flower
    2. shovels (n.) – tools with a long handle and flattened scoop to help with digging
    3. scent (n.) – a special smell that comes from something
    4. tough (adj.) – strong; not likely to break or wear out
    5. wrinkled (adj.) – having small, uneven lines or creases
    6. plain (adj.) – not fancy or pretty
    7. muscles (n.) – tissues in your body that help you move and work
    8. nodded (v.) – to move the head up and down in a quick motion that may say “okay”