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Extension week: Haunted House Drama!

posted Oct 13, 2012, 8:22 AM by Jason Brunken
Image attributed to Flickr user lobo235.
This week is an extension week for the grade six students. They will be getting their first taste of dramatic writing this week. The assignment: Prepare a spooky story to act out for visitors to the Happy Kids ASLA Haunted House on October 29th. The students are expected to write a script with their group that tells an original or adapted Halloween-themed story, prepare all necessary props and stage pieces, and perform their work for the rest of ASLA.

The kids have already been told about this assignment and are excited to get to work on it. During this week we will not be having a spelling test, grammar lesson, or vocabulary words. We will still have library on Tuesdays, and WIRSFs are still due on Tuesday as usual. I will not e posting video of the kids' performances, but pictures will be posted after the ASLA Halloween Fun House on the 29th.