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Our "Fruit Bowl" Project

posted Sep 20, 2012, 7:30 AM by Jason Brunken
Starting Friday, we will begin work on our Fruit Bowl Project, similar to the one read about in the textbook. The students' task is to create pieces of writing of any genre that includes the seven elements below. They will begin by drafting at least four different ideas in their journals. They will then choose their favorite two to edit and make into final drafts.

Final draft should be written with graphics and text features and displayed in a creative way. These will be hung inside and outside the classroom for all of Happy Kids to see how awesome they are. Final drafts will go home with parents at Parent-Teacher Conferences.

The Seven Elements

1.      Happy Kids (6th floor)

2.      Grade 6 class

3.      A girl throws a book

4.      A boy cheers up

5.      Practice Book

6.      A delicious piece of chocolate cake

7.      A cockroach crawls up a leg