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This Week: Team Moon revisited

posted Mar 6, 2015, 8:30 AM by Jason Brunken
This week we are circling back to a lesson in the textbook that we covered briefly back in December. We were unable to do the reading at the time, but did get through the vocabulary and grammar lessons. To review the vocabulary words from this lesson, you can find the handout here.

While we will be reading Team Moon  this week, we will be deviating a bit from our normal routine. We will be two vocabulary review activities on Monday. Students will get an opportunity to review some of the vocabulary words we have already covered this year. You can find all the vocabulary sheets from this year hereWe will also be taking another week to review verb conjugation by playing a some grammar review games and a review practice sheet.

Finally, to close the week, we will be reading Team Moon and discussing the magnitude of the feat accomplished by those brave astronauts. Students will get an opportunity to do a writing response to the reading and work on some unfinished writing like the students' myths and websites.