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This Week: The Boy Who Saved Baseball

posted Oct 12, 2014, 8:58 AM by Jason Brunken
This week we will be reading John Ritter's The Boy Who Saved Baseball. This is a snippet of a longer book about a town that is facing a problem many are facing all over the world: a large corporation wants to come in and use the land that the baseball field is on to build something more profitable. Of course, the baseball field is used by the town's baseball team and is beloved by the kids. After a public outcry caused by the efforts of one boy on the baseball team, the boss of the corporation agreed not to develop that land if the town's team won the championship. We will see what happens on Thursday.

We will also be venturing into persuasive writing this week. This is a preparation for our essay assignment next month. Our spelling and vocabulary words for the week can be found below. Please remind your children to take some time to study them a few times this week. We will have a spelling test on Friday.