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Weekly indepdendent reading assignment

posted Aug 27, 2012, 6:56 AM by Jason Brunken
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Hello, parents. One thing I talked about with the kids today was the importance of reading in developing excellent English. It is simply not possible to be a proficient language user with the habit of reading. This is why Happy Kids has stressed literacy and habitual reading for even the youngest students at school. In Grade 6, I also advocate habitual independent reading and make it a central part of my class. I call this the Weekly Independent Reading Assignment.

The Weekly Independent Reading Assignment consists of two tasks. First, students must take the time to read a certain number pages (a reading goal that they have committed to reading weekly). This reading goal will be set this Tuesday. It will be decided by each individual student based on their own current reading habits. The idea is then that they read at least that amount of pages per week. The second part of this assignment is filling out a WIRSF. A WIRSF is a special form I have made that where students show me they have completed their reading goal. This form is available for students in the classroom and it can also be found online here, on the Important Files for Grade 6 page. Please help encourage your child to make time to read. We always have time whether it is in the car, 10 minutes before bed, or at the breakfast table to get a little bit of reading in. 10 minutes here and there really adds up. Please help your child organize their day to find that time.

WIRSFs are due every Tuesday, the same day as library. Thank you, parents, for your support and cooperation.