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Write Your Own Myth!

posted Jan 23, 2015, 2:15 AM by Jason Brunken
This week, students will be writing myths. A myth is a story that explains something in nature or tells of a heroic deed by great hero. Myths tell of the actions of men and gods and goddesses, plus a great many other supernatural creatures like monsters, fairies, angels, and nymphs. Most famous to English speakers are the myths of Ancient Greece. However, all civilizations have their myths. Stories that tell about their history, culture, religion, and geography in a not so realistic way.

For this assignment, students will write one of two kinds of myths:

  • a myth that explains something in nature

  • a myth that tells of a hero’s or heroine’s quest against a monster or villain

Students will follow the following process to write their myth.

Step 1: Prewrite

Before writing, they will prewrite or plan their myth and characters carefully to help you tell a great story. They will use the following resources.

Step 2: Draft

In their journals, they will write a draft for their myth. There are examples of myths on the bookshelves in classroom and two more can be found here. Focus on organization. Make sure the story flows well. Remember to use dialogue and actions to show things about your characters and monsters.

Step 3: Edit

Bring drafts to Mr. Brunken to edit the story.

Step 4: Draft

Complete a 2nd draft in your journal.

Step 5: Edit

Read through 2nd draft by themselves and check for errors. Then bring it to Mr. Brunken to edit again.

Step 6: Publish

Write up or type a final draft for the myth. Early finishers can draw a picture to go with their awesome tale.