Knots and Fruit Bowl Project vocabulary words

posted Sep 19, 2012, 7:18 AM by Jason Brunken
My apologies. I forgot to post the vocabulary words from last week here. While I know it is a bit of a double post. These vocabulary posts are supposed to be a place where find all the vocabulary words throughout the year and not have to dig through a bunch of posts.

First, below, we have the ten vocabulary words from Knots in My Yo-Yo String which we read last week. Following that are the vocabulary words for this week for the story The Fruit Bowl Project. Please take some time to review.

Knots in My Yo-Yo String

  1. contested (v.) – to disagree with or not accept something
  2. tumult (n.) – a state of noisy confusion or disorder
  3. pursuit (n.) – the act of following or chasing someone or something
  4. culprit (n.) – a guilty person; someone who has done something wrong
  5. deprived (v.) – to take something away from someone or something
  6. miraculous (adj.) – unbelievably wonderful or amazing; like a miracle
  7. mentor (n.) – someone who teaches or gives advice to someone less experienced
  8. employed (v.) – to use something for a particular purpose
  9. scholastic (adj.) – of or related to school and learning
  10. grimly (adv.) – with feelings of sadness, worry, gloom, or depression

The Fruit Bowl Project

  1. manipulated (v.) – to move or control something with your hands
  2. menace (n.) – a dangerous or harmful person or thing
  3. resolve (v.) – the solve; find the answer to something
  4. precisely (adv.) – exactly;
  5. conclusion (n.) – a final thought or opinion
  6. emphatically (adv.) – with force; forcefully
  7. agony (n.) – extreme pain or mental distress
  8. demeanor (n.) – a person’s appearance or behavior
  9. vigorously (adv.) – with great force and energy
  10. revolting (adv.) – disgusting; repugnant