Vocabulary words for School Story

posted Sep 4, 2012, 7:00 AM by Jason Brunken
Below are the vocabulary we will be focusing on this week. They come from our first story out of the textbook, School Story.

Please take some time to review them.

  1. publishing (n.) – the business of making books and magazines to sell to the public
  2. manuscript (n.) – the original copy of a play, book, or piece of music before it has been published
  3. editorial (adj.) – of or relating to an editor
  4. pressuring (v.) – to try to force or urge someone to do something
  5. disclose (v.) – reveal; make something known to the public
  6. maze (n.) – a group of confusing paths or passages that are connected
  7. literary (adj.) – of or related to literature (books)
  8. revisions (n.) – changes or edits to something, usually a piece of writing
  9. wry (adj.) – funny in a clever or ironic way; showing both amusement and annoyance
  10. muted (adj.) – quiet; softer; quieter than usual