Vocabulary words for The Boy Who Saved Baseball

posted Oct 29, 2012, 9:25 AM by Jason Brunken
Below are the vocabulary words for The Boy Who Saved Baseball. Please re,ind your children to take some time to study them. Writing sentences is a great way to do this.

  1. phenomenal (adj.) – unusually good; extremely good
  2. showdown (n.) – a decisive contest or competition
  3. fundamental (adj.) – the most basic and important part of something
  4. flair (n.) – a natural ability to do something; showy or flashy skill
  5. lingered (v.) – to stay past the time you were supposed to leave
  6. savor (v.) – to enjoy
  7. gloat (v.) – to brag; to jeer someone because of their failure or your success
  8. berate (v.) – to scold or yell angrily and loudly
  9. reserve (n.) – a member of a team who takes the place of a regular player when that player is injured or tired
  10. brainwashed (v.) – to cause someone to think or believe something by using methods that make the person unable to think normally