Happy New Year

posted Jan 1, 2013, 5:33 PM by Jason Brunken
Happy New Year! It is 2013, and very close to second semester in the Middle School Program. I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and a short break from class. Hopefully, you have not forgotten your assignments that will be due on Saturday, January 5. After this week, we are moving on to our next unit and novel. Please prepare and turn in all finished work this Saturday.

We will be losing some of our classmates next semester. It was great having such a large class, and I am sad to see some of you move on. We will miss you, and welcome you back for a visit anytime.

Below are our class pictures. Click here to to view the individual photos and download them to your computer. See you all Saturday.

Middle School Program class pictures ‎(Dec. 2012)‎