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Useful Links for the Website Assignment

Below is a list of online resources that will be useful when completing your website. Most of these resources are great places to search for content. Please use these first before using others.
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Online ResourceURLTypeDescription
Online ResourceURLTypeDescription
Another Student Search Sites List Research Site for Students This is a huge collection of other websites you might find useful. Check if out if the others aren't working for you. 
behold Free Image Search Tool Searches copyright-free photographs on Flickr. 
Cybrary Man's Educational Web Sites Research Site for Students A collection of websites made by students for students. Great research tool. 
Discovery's Clip Art Gallery Free Image Search Tool Free clip art to use on your website. The seletion isn't great, but you might find something you like. 
Find Icons Free Image Search Tool A great source for many free icons (very small picture files). Use these to add flavor to your site if you want. 
Flickr Creative Commons Free Image Search Tool A source of great photographs to use. Not historical though. 
Free online file converter Useful Tool Need to change the kind of file you have for your website? Use this tool. 
Google Advanced Search Free Image Search Tool One of the best pleaces to start no matter what you are searching for. 
Humanline Free Image Search Tool An excellent collection of historical images and photographs that are free to use. 
Image After Free Image Search Tool A large, but confusing database of many different kinds of images to use. 
Kid Rex Research Site for Students Another safe search tool for kids. Keeps away a lot of the garbage Google comes up with. 
kigose Research Site for Students A safe search tool for kids. Helps you avoid ugly and useless content. 
Library Map Collection Free Image Search Tool Looking for a map to put on your website? Use this site. Everything is free to use. 
List of more websites for copyright-free images Free Image Search Tool If the other sites aren't working for you. Try some on this list. 
Oolone Research Site for Students Not a simple search tool, but gives a better way to preview content before clicking. 
Search Google by Drawing Useful Tool Can't find the image you want? Try drawing what you want and searching with this tool. 
Simple English Wikipedia Research Site for Students DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA. It is too hard for you. Use a site that summarizes or simplifies Wikipedia entries instead, like this one. 
Sweet Search Research Site for Students Better research site than Google. 
Wiki Mind Map Research Site for Students A better way to use Wikipedia. Hekps you find only the most important information. 
WikiSummarizer Research Site for Students DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA. It is too hard for you. Use a site that summarizes or simplifies Wikipedia entries instead, like this one. 
World Digital Library Free Image Search Tool Awesome library of free historical images you can use.  
You Tube Useful Tool You Tube is always a great place to find good media for yor website. 
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