Pictowords and Perspective Posters Assignment

posted Sep 11, 2015, 9:06 AM by Jason Brunken

Our main assignment this week will require a little art. In groups of 3-4, you will learn about and create a Pictoword and Perspective poster. Pictowords are words written/drawn in a way that explain their meaning. While they can include pictures and images, you should try to actually write the letters and words themselves in a way that shows the meanings. See the example to the left. 

Perspective Posters contrast two differing perspectives of the same event in history. For example, how did Chinese and Japanese people see WWII differently? This poster should include a graphic that helps understand the two perspectives and at least five descriptive points that show how the two perspectives were different. See the example below.

Below is the assignment sheet and the groups for this project. Remember to coordinate with your group and divide the jobs among each other. NO OXYGEN THIEVES!