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About Mr. Brunken

My name is Jason Brunken. I am from the relatively small city of Lincoln, Nebraska in the United States. There, I attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and received my Bachelors of Science degree in Secondary Education and Nebraska State Teaching Certificate. I’ve had a love for teaching since I was young, and when I got to college, there was no thinking twice about what my major would be. While receiving my degree at UNL, I had the wonderful opportunity to work in two public high schools in Lincoln, Nebraska and also had the chance to travel to Tainan, Taiwan to teach English for the first time with World Passport. From there, I fell in love with English teaching and Taiwan. After my graduation in May 2004, I traveled to Kaohsiung, Taiwan where I taught in a language school, two public schools, and seminars and workshops for Kaohsiung Department of Education administrators and teachers. In June 2005, my wife and I moved back to the US where I worked as an academic counselor at the University of Nebraska Athletic Department, and we had our first child, Sabrina. 

In May 2006, my wife accepted a position as a professor at National Taipei University of Technology, and we decided to move back to Taiwan to start our lives and careers. I have been a Happy Kids teacher now for over ten years where I have taught Grade 6, Grade 2, our Middle School Program (and Happy Scientists for seven years). Currently, I also serve as the Principal for the ASLA Program, a position I've help for the past four years. I enjoy helping the ASLA Program grow and move into the 21st century to continue to serve the children of Taipei. This year, along with serving our students as the ASLA Program Principal, I will be teaching Grade 6, Grade 2 Early Bird, and the Middle School Program. 
I have been married for almost thirteen years now to my wife Hsin-yi. We have two daughters. Sabrina, our oldest, who is starting sixth grade this year, and our youngest daughter, Athena,who enters first grade this year. 

On top of trying to be the best teacher that I can for all of my students, I am also a student. I hold a Masters of Educational Technology from Boise State University in the United States. I believe technology will play a key role in future education as our economy and daily lives rapidly become more dependent on information technology. So, I am always studying and learning about new online tools and strategies for maximizing our students' learning experience at Happy Kids. 

Though I am very busy, I try to make time for leisure when possible. I enjoy reading, dabbling with computers, watching movies, fishing, playing video games (mostly Civilization IV and NCAA Football for XBOX), and watching football. Oh, and tea. I love tea. Taiwanese oolong tea is my favorite. I am happy drinking tea all day long.

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