Welcome! You have found the online home for Mr. Brunken's Grade 2 Early Bird class at Happy Kids.

Grade 2 is an important year. Students do a lot of social, academic, and emotional growing in this year. This class will reflect that growth. One of my main focuses is writing for my Grade 2 students is writing. Writing is the most difficult language skill to acquire, and therefore I feel it is very important to begin developing those skills early. This year, students will learn to write a variety of compositions after they master the initial writing lesson of constructing a good paragraph. I am looking forward to another great year.

This website should have everything you need to keep up to date about what we are doing and learning in class. Download class documents, get updates about class assignments and activities, practice vocabulary, check the calendar, and find some cool online resources for learning and having fun on the Internet. Just chose the link to where you want to go.

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Most weeks in class we will have a list of vocabulary and spelling words to practice and learn. You can find all of the lists for this year here.

Writing is a big part of Grade 2. Information and resources about our writing assignments and projects will be posted here.