This Week: Dex - The Heart of a Hero

Post date: Mar 6, 2017 2:52:18 AM

This week, the Grade 2 class will be reading a wonderful short story about how if you put your mind to something, you can do it, Dex: The Heart of a Hero. Dex is a common dog, but he wants to be a hero. He's smart enough to know that you can't just become a hero, you have to work at it. Dex immediately exercises, gets stronger, practices some moves, and gains new confidence which, it turns out, is all you need to be a hero. What helps him ultimately succeed though? It's his unwavering confidence in the belief that he CAN be a hero no matter what others tell him. That confidence ultimately inspires others to better themselves, including someone he least suspects. I know the kids will love reading this fun, cute little story.

Below is this week's handout with the spelling and vocabulary words. Please help your child to study and review the words before our test on Friday. I've also posted the vocabulary slideshow to help with practice at home. Our grammar focus this week will be commas in a series. Use the handout below to help your child review and learn more about what we are working on this week.

Dex: The Heart of a Hero
Dex Vocabulary Words