Extension Week: Write Your Own Myth

Post date: Jan 16, 2017 1:40:24 AM

Write your own Myth

This week, students will be writing myths. A myth is a story that explains something in nature or tells of a heroic deed by great hero. Myths tell of the actions of men and gods and goddesses, plus a great many other supernatural creatures like monsters, fairies, angels, and nymphs. Most famous to English speakers are the myths of Ancient Greece. However, all civilizations have their myths. Stories that tell about their history, culture, religion, and geography in a not so realistic way. For this assignment, students will write a myth that explains the existence of a natural phenomenon. I have given them two examples to read. The assignment is posted below. I am looking forward to some excellent and creative stories. Students will follow the instructions and use the prewrite sheet below to complete this assignment.

123 myth prewrite sheet