The Raven

Post date: Nov 1, 2015 3:48:33 PM

This week we start our new Edgar Allan Poe unit. Poe is a classic American author whose works have influenced literature all over the planet. Perhaps his most popular and widely acclaimed piece is his poem "The Raven".

"The Raven" beautiful poem that captures the dark brooding emotions that accompany the loss of someone dear. It also reads like psychological thrill story, a bit on the scary side. Furthermore, the poem is masterfully written with alliteration and internal rhyming so that it flows bot smoothly and excitingly.

We have read the poem in class already, but students should reread the work this week to be more familiar with it. Next week we will be working on writing reviews for the piece. Other resources posted for this lesson are the poem, slideshow on symbolism and poetic devices found in "The Raven", a companion vocabulary list activity, and a reading response activity.