This Week: The Fruit Bowl Project

Post date: Sep 10, 2019 1:57:55 PM

Hello, Grade 6! This week we are reading The Fruit Bowl Project. It is an interesting story of a class of students who, using the same seven elements, create a menagerie of compositions that, while similar, are completely different. Kind of like a fruit bowl! This selection comes from the novel of the same name by Sarah Durkee. It's about a class of 8th graders who get a visit from a rock star. He teaches them how words for a writer are like paint to a painter. He gives them the "fruit bowl" assignment, and amazing writing happens. After inspiration form this novel, the class will be creating its own fruit bowl project starting this Friday. Details to come later. Below is the weekly handout for this week. Please remember to practice the spelling words and review the vocabulary. I've included a vocabulary slideshow below for you to use to help review. The grammar questions on page two of the handout can be completed for extra credit as well.

Parents, please remember that Meet the Teacher is this Thursday at 6:00. I hope I see you all there.

The Fruit Bowl Project.docx
The Fruit Bowl Project vocabulary words