This Week: The ACES Phones

Post date: Sep 29, 2019 3:27:50 AM

Hello Grade 6! This week we are moving on in Journeys to The ACES Phone. This is a wonderful science fiction story by Jeanne Duprau. Duprau is a popular science fiction writer for young adults. Perhaps her most famous book is The City of Ember. We have a few of her titles in our library that I highly recommend the kids pick up. You can see a complete list of her books here. As always we will begin the week looking at our vocabulary words, move into grammar on Tuesday, read the selection on Thursday, and then do a writing assignment on Friday. The spelling test will also be on Friday. Please remember to help your child study for the tests. Below is the weekly handout and a slideshow of the vocabulary words to help your child review and practice at home. On it you will find all of the spelling and vocabulary words along with some grammar practice. We will also be using time from class to wrap up our Fruit Bowl Project from last week. The kids' ideas were so great they needed more time to complete them. I hope to have pictures posted before next week. I'm looking forward to sharing their work with you all.

The ACES Phone
The ACES Phone vocabulary words