Thirteen Reasons Why Blogging Assignment

Post date: Mar 20, 2015 8:00:29 AM

Thirteen Reasons Why can be a very disturbing book. It deals with some uncomfortable, but very real and very serious issues that students encounter in their lives. Your goal as you read this book is to think deeply about the characters, their choices, and the events of the story.

That is not all.

The nature of these issues demands us to talk about them...together. This may be hard for many of you so I give you the power of the Internet. Each week you will be asked to make a post on the Thirteen Reasons Thoughts and Reflections website at Your posts should share some of your reactions, reflections, and thoughts on the reading for the week. There you can asks questions and make connections to your own experiences.

Another part of this assignment is to leave comments on the posts of at least three of your classmates. Think of this as a discussion, but one that takes place online and one where you do not have to say things to each other's faces. I only ask that you try your best ad be respectful of each other's feelings and thoughts. There will be no bullying on this website. It is a safe place for all, no different from my classroom.