This Week: Number the Stars

Post date: May 1, 2016 2:51:32 PM

This week the Grade 6 class is reading a part of one of my favorite books for young readers, Lois Lowry's Number the Stars. This is riveting story of a family's brave actions to save Danish Jews from Nazi concentration camps during WWII. If you are unaware of the history, Hitler's Germany invaded and conquered Denmark in 1940 at the beginning of WWII and occupied it until 1944. During that time, the Nazi Regime tried to capture, imprison, and exterminate the entire Jewish population of Denmark. However, because of their love for their fellow Danes, the Danish people worked together to smuggle nearly all Danish Jews to neighboring Sweden on fishing and motor boats. In the end, only a few of Denmark's thousands of Jews were captured and killed by the Nazis. It is one of history's more amazing stories. Please encourage your child to pick up and read the whole book. It is available in Happy Kids's library.This week students will be working on their poetry books, graduation performance, practicing their vocabulary, spelling, and learning about contractions. The spelling and vocabulary words are posted below.

Number the Stars.docx