All About that Bias!

Post date: Oct 27, 2014 4:28:52 PM

This week we begin a new unit. We are reading Avi's Nothing But the Truth. A great book about how bias is everywhere, and while it is not always intentional, it can be very dangerous nonetheless. But, what is bias, you say? Welcome to our first lesson of this unit. We will be covering this content in class this week, but, in case you need to be absent this week, the lesson can also be taken all online by completing the tasks below. Task 1

To get started, let's learn about what bias is and some other terms that relate to it. Watch the presentation below (yes, all 10 min of it) and then take the short quiz. Points will be awarded for completing the quiz so don't skip it.

Thanks for watching! Are you smarter now? Of course you are! Now go and ace the short quiz below.

Task 2

Now that you are an expert on author's voice, point of view, and bias, let's do something more difficult. Use the MAP it! worksheet here to analyze one of the following excerpts from Nothing But the Truth p. 1-25:

      • one of Phillip's diary entries

      • one of Ms. Narwin's letters to her sister

      • a school memo

To complete this task, open the MAP it! worksheet and go to File → Make a copy. Rename the file to "Yourname-MAP it lesson 1". See this example for how to fill out the worksheet. Remember to "Share" your MAP it! worksheet with me in Drive when you are finished to get points. I will give you your grade and feedback on your performance within a week of your submission.