"The Tell-Tale Heart": The trial assignment

Post date: Dec 12, 2015 2:59:29 AM

Is he mad? The narrator of “The Tell-Tale Heart” knows that you are thinking he is crazy, that he is hearing things and not in control of his actions. However, he denies he is mad, and asks you to hear his story and decide for yourself. So, why not put him on trial?

In America, like Taiwan, when a murder is committed, the suspect is arrested and then put on trial. This is call the criminal justice system. America and Taiwan have different systems, but the objective is the same: find the truth about what has happened.

This assignment has two parts: research and compare and contrast two criminal justice systems and then write and perform the trial of the narrator from the story. Read the assignment sheet below for more details and links to the information and other materials you need to complete this assignment.

The Tell-Tale Heart: The trial