Write a review of "The Raven"

Post date: Nov 7, 2015 4:17:38 PM

A review is a critical look at a piece of writing. The author expresses her opinion about the book or poem and defends the opinion citing facts and details from the writing itself. A review is short but concise. It asserts a strong opinion, but it relies on facts and examples from the work to prove the opinion is real. The purpose of a review is to give people who haven’t read the work information about it s they can decide whether to spend their time reading it or not.

For this assignment you will write a review of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”. Do you recommend this poem to others? Why or why not? Should it be considered a great work of poetry? Why or why not? You opinion matters. You can have any opinion you want to, but you must base it on facts and examples from the poem.

Use the assignment sheet attached below to guide your writing. A file has already been created for you in Drive to complete your review.

Write a Review for "The Raven"