Letter of Complaint Assignment

Post date: Jan 17, 2015 4:16:50 PM

One privilege that we often take for granted is that we are free to complain to our leaders without fear of reprisal. The student protesters in China in 1989 did not have that freedom. There was no outlet for them to communicate their complaints to their leaders. Protest and demonstration where the only tools they had.

The freedom to speak and complain to your leaders is a right not everyone in the world has. Cherish it and take advantage of it when you can. This week's assignment teachers you one way to communicate your concerns and complaints to your leaders: a letter of complaint to the president or mayor. Yes, you should think of something you are unhappy about with the country or the city and write a formal letter in proper block format to either President Ma or Mayor Ko telling them about the problem and offer some suggestions for fixing it.

Read more about this assignment below and follow the links in the document to get resources on how to write this letter.

A Letter of Complaint Assignment