The Giver: Final Assignment

Post date: May 11, 2014 2:58:05 PM

For those of you finished with the illustrated timeline assignment, you may begin work on the final assignment for our Giver unit. See below for more details.

  1. Choose one of the activities below to complete by the end of the school year. We will present our work the last week of class.

    1. The Giver has an ambiguous ending, meaning what actually happens is unknown or unclear. Think carefully about the story and what happened at the end of the novel and give the book a proper ending. This should be written in paragraph form just like the end of a story should. You ending should:

      1. Tell us what happens to Jonas and Gabe

      2. Tell us what Jonas decides to do after Gabe is safe

      3. Reveal who Jonas meets and finds at the bottom of the hill

      4. Give us an idea what Jonas’s feeling are

      5. If you kill Jonas and Gabriel, instead tell us about what happens in the Community after Jonas leaves

    1. With a partner or group of three, write and perform a drama that reveals the Community’s reactions to Jonas’s escape and the flood of new memories. Your drama should:

      1. Be long enough for each person in the group to speak for at least 2 min.

      2. Reveal the feelings, fears, and actions of the members of the community

      3. Show how The Giver is helping with the situation

      4. Be acted in front of the class

    1. Make a book review for The Giver. A book review is not just summarizing the plot, but also discussing how the it was written, the characters, the quality of the story, and more. A book review gives the writer’s opinion about the book and makes a recommendation to the readers as to whether the book should be read. Your review can be written down in the form of a newspaper article or turned into a role play like a TV/radio book show. Your review should contain:

      1. Your opinion of the book

      2. Specific examples from the book to justify your opinion

      3. a discussion of what as good and what wasn’t good from the book

      4. your favorite and least favorite parts

      5. your recommendation

  1. Create pictowords for the major themes of The Giver using imagery from the book. A pictoword is a visual representation of a word. It uses visual elements to communicate the meaning of the word. You can see examples at You can create your words on paper or digitally. You will be required to present them briefly to the class.