Once Upon a Time in History Website Project

Post date: Mar 6, 2017 3:10:37 AM

Over the course of this month, Happy Kids's Grade 6 class will be working on a very large project that they will present at the upcoming ASLA Student Expo on April 13. The project is called Once Upon a Time in History Website. Students are tasked with collaborating with peers to create a website that teaches visitors about a time and place in history such as Ancient Egypt, Qin Dynasty China, or the Aztec Empire. To create their websites, students will use the New Google Sites application that just became available for users this year. The New Google Sites is easy to learn and use to allow students to focus more on their content than working through coding or other software related problems.

This is a substantial task. Each group is required to include information about their chosen Civilization's history, achievements, great people, and influence on the world as a whole. They also must choose some other more creative and fun content to include on their website. Below is the assignment handout the students were given. When the websites are published, I will post them here. I'm sure they will not disappoint.

Once Upon a Time in Histo...ssignment student handout