Extension project: You've Discovered a New Dinosaur!

Post date: Apr 24, 2016 3:45:35 PM

This week is an extension project week in Grade 2. This week we will be reviewing expository writing as students write a research report about a dinosaur. However, this report won't just be about any old dinosaur, it will be a bout one your child has "discovered". Following up from our exciting story of Mary and Tray who discovered new dinosaur fossils by their home, our students will imagine discovering the fossils of a new dinosaur by their home. They will then think carefully about what their dinosaur was like and then write a report and prepare a display for it to go in a museum along with an illustration of the fossils found and what it might have looked like.

I hope students enjoy this assignment. It combines the organizational and logical writing skills of a research report with the creative energy required to write fiction. I can't wait to show you their final work. Below are the assignment sheet and prewrite exercise the kids will use to complete the assignment.

You've Discovered A New Dinosaur