Political Bias and Propaganda

Post date: Nov 18, 2014 7:38:25 AM

Starting this coming week, we will be seizing the opportunity of the upcoming local elections and look at bias in political advertising. We often call this kind of bias propaganda because it comes fast and often and is meant to change the way you see or think about things. Propaganda is also universally intentional in its bias. There is a clear point of view that is favored.

During class this week we will be reviewing the many types of propaganda and then looking for examples of each in the election posters, flags, billboards, and handbills that have saturated the country. To complete this assignment though, we must have A LOT of pictures of examples of this propaganda. For this I will need your help. Please help us out by taking pictures of election advertisements that you see this week and uploading them to this online web album or emailing them to me.

Before Saturday, review the different propaganda types by reading this material and viewing the slideshow below. For now, just read, research, and take pictures. I will post the assignment later this week.