This Week: Ugly Vegetables

Post date: Oct 28, 2018 9:14:15 AM

This week we are reading Ugly Vegetables by Grace Lin. Ugly Vegetables is a fun little story about a family that lives in a neighborhood where everybody plants a garden. The other residents of the neighborhood plant beautiful flower gardens, but our main character's mother plants a garden full of Chinese vegetables. The girls is disappointed, wanting a flower garden like everyone else, but her mom insists their garden will be great. In the end, of course, all the neighbors want to trade some flowers for the delicious soup made from the vegetables. Grace Lin is a native Taiwanese, but moved to the US when she was in elementary school. She has written many great books for young children, many about her Taiwanese heritage and maintaining that heritage while living in the US. Some of her more famous books include The Year of the Dog, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, and Dim-Sum for Everyone. You can see her other titles here. Students will also be finishing up their pen pal letters this week. Some students didn't have enough time to finish last week.. Below is the weekly handout for this week and the vocabulary slideshow for this week's words. Remember to help your child review the spelling and vocabulary words when you have a chance. Please also remind your children that library books are due on Wednesday.

Ugly Vegetables
Ugly Vegetables Vocabulary Words