Video and Assignment - The Crusades: The Cross and the Crescent

Post date: Nov 15, 2012 2:13:29 AM

On Saturday, we will be watching a video on The Crusades to, yet again, give you some historical background of the events happening in the book. We will be watching some portions of a documentary done by the History Channel in 2005 called The Crusades: The Cross and the Crescent. This film is both very informative and entertaining. It is a good production and the quality of this file is good. It begins with the order of the First Crusade by Pope Urban and ends with a discussion of the lasting impact of The Crusades had on the world. It is a very good film.

The entire film is three hours long, so we will not be watching the whole thing. Instead we will be watching the first 15 minutes and the final 30 (about the Third Crusade.) However, the entire film is worth a watch. I have posted it below. If you have time this weekend, try to watch the whole thing. I know you will enjoy learning more about this unique and fascinating series of events in history. Assignment below the video.

Corss and the Crescent response assignment