Extension Week: Persuasive paper

Post date: Dec 16, 2018 1:31:45 PM

This week in Grade 2 students will begin learning how to write and writing a persuasive paper. The persuasive writing model is used to answer opinion questions when you are trying to get others to agree with you. While similar to an expository paper like the research reports we wrote last month in that they require students to identify main ideas and supporting examples to go with them in paragraphs, they are different in some key ways. This week students will learn how to plan and write this kind of paper which is a precursor to writing an essay.

Below are the teaching materials students will get this week. their assignment will be to answer one of the three questions provided in a five paragraph persuasive paper in the model of the example provided. Students should first use the Persuasive Paper Map to prewrite their paper before starting their drafts.

Persuasive Paper writing assignment
Example Persuasive Paper ‎(grade 2)‎