Ancient Egypt: Collaborative Research Report

Post date: Feb 24, 2016 1:46:05 AM

This week, the grade 6 class is working on something new. By new, I mean an assignment I've never done with 6th graders before, but I know this class can handle it. The assignment is a collaborative research report on Ancient Egypt. It is a variation of the classic research report in that each student is responsible for only a portion of a very big topic. Each student will research their topic like Ancient Egyptian religion, military, farming, etc. and then contribute their research and words to a collaborative document, a digital book, using Google Drive. When it is finished, everyone will be able to read it here.

Collaboration is an extremely important skill that students MUST learn before entering the workforce. There are few jobs done today that do not require the ability to collaborate effectively with a team. This is why for the rest of this year, all extension activities will e collaborative. Collaboration and creativity are also a focus of the Happy Kids Middle School Program.

For more details of this assignment, please see the assignment packet below. It can be downloaded or printed from this link.