Writing a Persuasive Essay

Learning to write a proper five paragraph persuasive essay is a very valuable writing skill that will apply to coursework and exams students will take in the secondary and post-secondary level, especially at international or Western schools. For this reason I make sure to assign at least one a year for my Middle School Program students so they can get the practice they need to succeed. Below is a quick summary of how to put together a persuasive essay.

A persuasive essay answer a question where there is no right answer, only a better one in your opinion. Your task is to argue why one answer is better than another by using logical reasoning to persuade your audience to agree with you.

Use a prewrite sheet to plan your essay before drafting. Review how to write a five paragraph essay with the images below. Use the example at the bottom to model your own essay after.

Rainie Wang - Persuasive Essay