This Week: Luke Goes to Bat

Post date: Mar 4, 2019 1:59:27 PM

This week, the Grade 2 classes will be reading Luke Goes to Bat. This story is a realistic fiction story set in the US in the 1950s as baseball was being desegregated. Luke, the main character, dreams of being a baseball hero just like Jackie Robinson, the first black man to play in the Major Leagues. He gets off to a bad start, but learns success comes from trying your best. The story has a great message of not giving up in the face of adversity. There aren't many better role models for that than Jackie Robinson. As usual, we will be practicing our vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and reading this week. Below are the spelling and vocabulary words for this week. I've also put the vocabulary slideshow below to help the kids practice. Students will also be continuing work on their Market Day Project that they are collaborating on with their pen pals in Tanzania. Little by little it is coming together. we hope you like what we have done in April at the Expo!

Luke Goes to Bat.docx
Luke Goes to Bat Vocabulary Slideshow