Editorial Assignment: Animal testing

Post date: Oct 14, 2014 3:21:43 PM

We are entering into the final two weeks of of our Laika theme. The final issue from this book that we will look at is that of animal rights. The author clearly questions the morality of using animals in scientific research. Is it wrong to risk the lives of animals when testing new scientific and medical advances? Or, is it necessary to protect and enhance human lives? This debate has raged for a long time, even before the Space Race.

This week you will research this issue, take a position, and write a persuasive editorial article (yes, like you would see in a newspaper). Use the resources below to complete this assignment. Your editorial can either be typed and shared with me on Drive or written in your journal.

Task 1: Research Animal Testing

Task 2: Take a Position

    • After learning what you can about this issue, decide which side you stand on. Are you for or against animal testing? Why?

    • Use this persuasion map to cite your reasons why and facts to support your position in preparation of writing your editorial.

Task 3: Write an Editorial

    • Using your persuasion map, write an editorial that states your position on this issue, reasons for your position, and facts to support those reasons.

    • Example of of an editorial in favor of animal testing

    • Example of an editorial against animal testing. This one is a little long, but you can get a good idea of the different reasons and facts to support them.

    • When you are finished, share your editorial with me in Drive or email it to me. You can also write in your journal and turn it in to me.