Crusades Website

If you choose this option for your final assignment, you may be doing the most work so it is the only option that allows you to work with a partner. To complete this assignment you need to build a small website that teaches about a topic related to the Crusades. A good topic would be "Weapons of the Crusades" or "Jerusalem!". To make your website, use one of many free online website builders. I recommend using Google Sites because yo already have a Google Account and it is easy to learn. There are others like:

All of the above sites have great tutorial videos to help you learn how to use their software. Once you chose what tool you are going to use, follow the criteria below to complete your website. Your website should:

    • Have home page that introduces your topic

    • Have at least 3 pages other than the home page that give information about your topic. These pages are usually subtopics. For example, if your topic is "Jerusalem" an good subtopic page would be "The History of Jerusalem".

    • Should contain different types of media (pictures, images, video, sound, etc.)

    • Should have accurate information

    • Is pleasing to the eye. Most website builders give you choices of cool color and design themes. Choose one that matches your topic. Try not to have them clash (like pink flowers for "Weapons of the Crusades")

When you are finished, simply email the URL of your website to Mr. Brunken before January 12.