Design a Monument to Democracy and Freedom

Post date: Jan 24, 2015 12:47:49 AM

In this assignment, you will role play with your team that you have been tasked with creating a symbol for democracy and freedom. All over the world, people have found ways to build embodiments of their hard-won freedoms. In the US, there is the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell. The Tiananmen Square protesters had the Goddess of Democracy. Protesters in Taipei last year used sunflowers to symbolize their push for more power to the people. Read the scenario below and then begin work on the tasks listed after to complete this assignment.


For two weeks now, people from all over the city of Taipei have occupied the plaza in front of the Presidential Office Building. This space was once the avenue where then military dictator Chiang Kai-shek (蔣介石) used to parade the military (his source of power) in front of the people. Now, people are furious at their democratically elected president for pushing through laws that limit freedoms of speech, assembly, and the press. Some even fear the President, with the help of the legislature controlled by his party, will begin taking away the people’s right to vote before the next election.

In the past few days, the energy of the protests has nearly faded away. Protest leaders are worried the protests will fail if more people can’t be inspired to join the movement. Looking at history, they have decided that a symbol is needed to give people something to focus on. They have asked famous designers like you to create such a monument. It should an attractive structure that can be built to face the President’s Office. It should be instantly recognizable as an embodiment of the ideals of the protest: Democracy and freedom are sacred!


Research symbols of freedom

Take a minute to look through the slideshow below that shows some famous monuments to freedom and other symbols of freedom and democracy around the world. You can also do your own research.

Monuments to Democracy an... Freedom Around the World

Design your monument

With your group, think of a design for a monument that you think would work well in this situation. Then use one of the following options to create a sketch or model of your design to present to the protest leaders.

Justify your designYou will need to prepare a written justification of your design to the protest leaders as well. This is a typed statement that explains your design and the choices you made when designing it. For example: Why did you choose the color red? What does it symbolize?

It is highly recommended that some group members work on this justification while others build the model.

Present your design

After you have finished your model and justification, you are ready to present your design to the protest leaders. This will be a short presentation where you unveil your design and explain it. You are trying to sell it as the symbol for the movement. Remember the award if your design is selected.

Happy building!