Make-A-Wish Project

What is Make-A-Wish?

Welcome to our Make-A-Wish Project. This project is an opportunity to practice your English, learn about and help a great charity, and develop many new skills. For this project, we will be working to help out the charity Make-A-Wish Taiwan. Make-A-Wish is a charity that started in the US. It was set up to grant the wishes of terminally ill children, kids who have months to live. You can learn more about Make-A-Wish here.

Make-A-Wish does a great service for our community. One that few want to do. They also give the greatest gift of all to young people in a very difficult situation: hope. Imagine life without hope? We all have the liberty to hope that things will be better for us next year, or after we graduate, or move on to another chapter of our lives. Wish Kids, children who get their wishes granted by Make-A-Wish, have only the next few months to look forward to. How might you feel in that situation? Make-A-Wish provides these kids with hope and happiness through wishes. Make-A-Wish Project

This year, all Happy Kids classes worked to help raise money for Make-A-Wish and make gifts for Wish Kids. It is now the Middle School Program's turn. However, our project will be much different. Make a wish has long been interested in getting more young people to volunteer and become involved in their organization. When you are terminally ill, you are in the hospital a lot. You don't get to go to school and see your friends much. In fact, you are pretty much surrounded by adults all the time. Kids like to have kids to interact with, however few young people in Taiwan volunteer to help. We are going to see if we can help this.

The Question?

What kinds of advertising or information will get more young people involved in Make-A-Wish Taiwan?

Your Task

You have two main tasks for this project:

    1. Work with a team to create your choice of two "gifts" for Make-A-Wish

      • a promotional item

      • an ad for the Web that targets young people

      • a brochure of information material that targets young people

    2. Present your creations to representatives from Make-a-Wish on May 4

The Schedule

    1. March 2 -- Introduction to Make-A-Wish and the project. Meet with your group and fill out team work agreement, begin planning and research for project.

    2. March 9 - April 6 -- Periodically work on project.

    3. April 13 -- Complete project and meet with Mr. Brunken to discuss changes and revisions for final product

    4. April 20 - 27 -- Final weeks to finish and polish projects.

    5. May 4 -- Present to Mr. Steve Chen, representative and Board Member for Make-A-Wish Taiwan.

Project Resources

The following are resources you will find useful when completing this project.