Animal Farm Vocabulary Lists

Post date: Jan 14, 2014 1:51:16 PM

  1. has five great vocabulary lists for Animal Farm, so we will be using those for the vocabulary assignment for this book. To complete this assignment, follow the procedure below. The links to each list can be found in step three. Completing each list is worth up to 12 RP. Remember to send a screenshot that shows the percentage of the list completed to get your points. For a printable/downloadable lists of the words you can find the files at the bottom of this page.Go to

  2. Click on “Login” in the top right-hand corner of the page.

  3. Choose the option “Login with Facebook” and enter the required information (make sure you are signed in as you and not someone else).

  4. After you have logged in, go to list you want to work on. There are five lists for this book. Click the link below for the list you want to work on. Remember, each list is worth up to 12 RP.

  5. Now you have found the vocabulary list. On this page, first click “Review” to view the words on the list and see their definitions, learn how to pronounce them, and read how they are used.

  6. If you feel you are ready (or just want to give it a try,) click on the “LEARN THIS LIST” tab. This feature will ask you questions and you get to try to answer. The website tracks your progress and keeps quizzing you until you have mastered all of the words. As long as you are logged in, it will show you the percentage you have mastered (top-right). This is what you need to show me to get your award. Just take a screenshot or picture of the percent on the screen and mail it to me (or log in and show me at school) to get credit.