How to Google

Post date: Mar 3, 2013 8:12:25 AM

Everyone can google, right? You go to, type in what you want to find, and you always get what you were looking for, right? Wrong. Don't get me wrong, Google is an amazing search engine that is always getting better, but it is only as good as the user.

Like any tool, how well it works depends on how well you know how to use it. I can't play basketball. Give the best basketball shoes, and I will still be a terrible player. The difference with googling is that EVERYONE has to do it. In 2011, there were about 2.7 billion Internet users averaging about 4.2 billion Google searches a day. Of course, this doesn't count other searches, but you can see that most us do at least 2-3 Internet searches a day. So it is necessary that we do it well.

The image below contains a lot of information about how to use Google better. I recommend you study it and learn it well. This is information you will need for the rest of your life. Click the image to see a larger version.