Netiquette for School

Netiquette is the proper and appropriate way to communicate using the Internet. It is a term that means all of the things you should do when using the Internet to communicate with others. In my classes, we will be using the Internet a lot. You will have assignments that are completed online. You will be collaborate with your classmates online to finish projects. You will be communicating with me. The information below will help you learn your Netiquette so you have an awesome experience in class this year.Netiquette Guidelines for Mr. Brunken's Classes

Review the presentation here and watch the video below to learn all about Mr. Brunken's Netiquette guidelines for class. When you are finished, complete the online quiz below. Make sure you complete all 12 questions and submit your quiz when you are finished to get full points.

Click on the icon above to access a quiz to review the information from the video.

Click on the icon above to access the Netiquette Scavenger Hunt.

More Information on Netiquette and Internet Safety