Welcome (back) to the Middle School Program

Post date: Sep 3, 2017 2:28:09 PM

It's been a long four months, but the Middle School Program is back in session. I know I am excited to get things started. For anyone just joining the class or finding us for the first time, this is where I post important announcement and updates for class. Assignment materials are posted here, but details for each assignment and task are put in a private online classroom using the an app called Google Classroom. Students should get in the habit of checking their Happy Kids email accounts and Google Classroom a few times a week to stay current on what's going on. Occasionally extra credit is posted there, so help remind your child if you can.

This Saturday, I covered all of my expectations and how-tos for class. The first two assignments were rolled out too. I introduced the Joined Nations, and students picked their JN countries for this year. The results can be found here on the JN Website. Students can work on the Ultimate JN Quiz and their JN Country Presentation assignments over the next two weeks until we meet again on September 17th. Students should also be reading chapters 1-5 in The Lightning Thief.

Please contact me with questions. Class information presented today is posted below. Documents include the Year at a Glance, my introduction letter, class orientation slideshow, and the JN Country Website assignment. This unit's calendar can be found on the Calendar Page here.

MIddle School orientation
JN Orientation
Middle School year at a glance 2017-2018
middle school introductory letter
My Joined Nations Country Website Assignment