Grade 6 Class Updates

Week of October 10

It is good to see everyone back from the long weekend. This week we will be working out of Into Reading again. I am pretty excited for this week's reading selection as it is by one of my favorite author's, Ray Bradbury. "All Summer in a Day" is a sci-fi short story that is more about humanity in general than anything science fiction. However, it is the setting, a terraformed Venus in the future, that drives the plot of the story. I am excited to see what the kids think about this tale and its wonderful writing.

We will work on vocabulary, re view parts of speech, and analyze text for its figurative language and theme this week. Feel free to use the resources below to review and practice for this week.

05. All Summer in a Day
Module 2 - Lesson 2 - All Summer in a Day vocabulary words

Week of October 3

This week will be regular week as we work through another lesson in Into Reading. This week our reading focus is a curious story about a character who meets not one, but two people who have the same name as her in school. How interesting!

We will have a vocabulary lesson on Monday, followed by a review of compound and complex sentences on Tuesday. Thursday we will study how authors use literary elements, point of view, and theme when they tell a story. Friday I hope to finish that reading lesson and get the kids working in writing workshop on character creation for a future narrative. Below are the vocabulary slideshow and weekly handout to help your child review this week if you would like.

Module 2 - Lesson 1 - Identity Theft vocabulary words
07. Science Friction

Week of September 26

This week the students worked on their personal narratives. A personal narrative is a true story told from the perspective of the author. I tasked the students with telling about a time they made a mistake but learned from it and earned success.

My objectives for this lesson was to get the kids in the writing mood. First and foremost, I hoped to help them get comfortable with the writing process. I also wanted them to review their previous knowledge of narrative writing. Watching them write the past week has been instructive and will help me better craft writing lessons for the kids as we go forward. A few of the students finished the task, but we might not have time for everyone to get done. Nonetheless, I look forward to sharing what the kids complete at parent-teacher conferences.

Week of September 12

Look at that. First week in, and I missed an update. My apologies, parents. This week we are getting into our second lesson out of Into Reading. Last week we worked on the first where we read Sometimes a Dream Needs a Push, practiced the reading strategy of questioning, and practiced subjects and predicates. Please contact me if you would like those resources.

This week we are working on the lesson that deals with both a video about a chess prodigy from Uganda and a photo essay on climbing called Dawn Wall. During this week we will focus on kinds of sentences and the reading skills of main idea and using text and graphics features. We will also be starting our focus on writing a personal narrative. Below are some of the resources we will use this week.

02. Queen of Chess and Dawn Wall
Module 1 - Lesson 2 - Queen of Chess and Dawn Wall vocabulary words

Week of August 29th

Welcome to a new school year! This page is where you can find updates on what is going on in class each week. I will try to keep this space updated so you can get a glimpse into what we are doing in class. If I fall behind of forget, don't be shy to email me and ask for updates directly.

This week, we are getting the year started with a few activities. Mostly I want to get to know the kids and get them used to me and how I run my class. I've posted the presentation I shared with the kids below for your reference. We are also working a small art project that will contribute to a picture mural of the whole Happy Kids family that will look similar to what is displayed outside of the 3F door. I hope to also get the kids writing some poetry if we have time.

Grade 6 Orientation