Grade 6 Class Updates

Week of January 10

This week the Grade 6 class continues our unit on world history. We are reading a bit of the extraordinary story of one of the only female Ancient Egyptian pharaohs, Hatshepsut. this week we will work on improving our vocabulary, review and practice prepositional phrases, and practice identifying cause and effect relationships when reading history. Students will also finish their compare and contrast essay practice in preparation for writing a more formal one next week. Click here for more information about Hatshepsut and this week's lesson resources.

Week of January 3

Sorry for not posting the last few weeks. The skids have mostly been working on their formal letters and focusing on our shared novel reading of Surviving the Applewhites.

This week, we are back in Journeys working on the lesson for The Real Viking, a nonfiction selection about the Norse people and their legacy. This month we will be focusing on history and nonfiction with our reading. Our writing focus will be the compare and contrast essay. We will work on vocabulary on Monday, grammar on Tuesday, our reading skill on Thursday, and do a short writing lesson on Friday. Our grammar skill for this week is an important one, the four main verb parts. Our reading skill this week is comparing and contrasting topics from nonfiction. For writing we will be looking at how to write a compare and contrast essay, especially how it's organization differs from a persuasive essay. Lesson materials for this week can be found here.

Week of December 6

This week the Grade 6 class worked on the Journeys lesson for Any Small Goodness. Follow this link to view the lesson materials. On Friday we are beginning our next writing assignment and lesson: a formal letter. Students will be writing a letter of complaint to a company about a product. These will be mailed after Christmas.

Week of November 29

This week Grade 6 will be working with the Journeys lesson around the book Airborn. It's a thrilling steampunk sci-fi story of bravery. We will practice vocabulary, the use of pronouns in English, narrative conflict and story structure, and finish our persuasive essays. For more resources for this week's lesson please go here.

Week of November 8

This week the Grade 6 class is continuing its work with persuasive writing as we get ready to write essays. We are reading a fun story about cooperative work called "Science Friction". My students have always loved this one. For details on this weeks lessons and access to learning materials, click here.

Week of November 1

Now that Halloween is over, the class will be moving on to a new unit in November. This is essay month. We will explore the components of persuasive speech and composition, and the kids will be writing a proper five paragraph essay at the end of the month. this week we are reading and doing the lesson for The Boy Who Saved Baseball. For lesson details and resources, please click here.

Haunted House Pictures

The Grade 6 class spent the last few weeks planning, preparing, and performing in the Annual ASLA Halloween Fun House. I'm very proud of their work. They came together to put on a spooky and thrilling experience for ASLA kids.

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Week of October 4

October is here, and for 6th graders that means Halloween. I have each of my 6th grade classes take on a special project in October: prepare the annual ASLA Haunted House for our Halloween Fun House event. The kids always enjoy the opportunity, I know the boys are really looking forward to it. This week, however, we will not start on that. Instead we will start a new lesson from Journeys. We will be reading The ACES Phone, one of the more interesting stories in the book, and practice identifying story elements. For more detail about this lesson please go here.

Week of September 27

It's finally here! This week, the 6th grade class will begin its first extension activity: a "fruit bowl" project. This activity comes straight from our reading last week. The idea is that writers use words like painters use paint. When two painters paint the same bowl of fruit, the results are never identical. The same goes for writers. Give different writers the same elements of a story to work with and they will manipulate words differently to create very different works. Go here for more information about this assignment.

Weeks of September 13-20

It's the end of a long week and the run up to a holiday. We are moving on to our next lesson in Journeys this week. We are reading from Knots in My Yo-yo String where we will be practicing the reading skill of inferring author's purpose. We will be also be reviewing types of sentences and descriptive writing. Click here for more details and lesson materials.

On Friday, due to the holiday, we will be moving on to our final Journeys lesson for this month. In that lesson we will be reading a part of The Fruit Bowl Project, a great story about the creative mind. We will be analyzing text and graphics features with this story and reviewing compound sentences. The kids will also have some opportunities for creative expression in their writing as we prepare for our first writing project. Click here for more details and lesson materials.

Week of September 6

This week we are beginning our first lesson from Journeys. We are reading School Story by Andrew Clements. For lesson details and materials click here.

Week of August 30th

We're back! It was a longer summer than normal, but for the first time since May 15, ASLA students are back in Happy Kids. I know I've missed the sounds of joy and friendship in the school halls. After seeing the kids today, I know they are glad to be back too.

This week, we are getting the year started with a few activities. Mostly I want to get to know the kids and get them used to me and how I run my class. I've posted the presentation I shared with the kids below for your reference. We are also working a small art project that will contribute to a picture mural of the whole Happy Kids family that will look similar to what is displayed outside of the 3F door. I hope to also get the kids writing some poetry if we have time.

Grade 6 Orientation