Book of the Lion: Final Assignment

Post date: Dec 7, 2012 3:18:00 PM

Hello, kids, it's that time! Just 3 more weeks until we are done with this unit, semester, and year. With that in mind it is a perfect time for a final assignment. A final assignment is meant to give you an opportunity to show me, and the class, how much you have learned. Hopefully you have been keeping up with the readings and paying great attention during class. If not, this may be hard.

For the final assignment, please choose one of the activities below to complete by the beginning of class on January 12:

    1. Write an expository essay about a topic related to the Crusades or the book. "Why did King Richard not invade Jerusalem?", "What role did women play in the Crusades?", and "Why did Crusaders attack the Christian city of Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade?" are all great examples of appropriate essay questions for this assignment. See assignment page here.

    2. Create a newspaper page that reports on the historical events we read about in chapters 22-41 from an interesting point of view (write as a Crusader or Saracen). You should report on what you see, write some new articles and arrange them to look like a page from a newspaper. See assignment page here.

    3. Build a website that teaches about some topic related to the Crusades. Please follow the guidelines here on the assignment page. This is the only one of the choices that can be completed with a partner.

    4. Write a test for The Book of a Lion. Your test can cover the whole book or just a part of it. Please no fewer than 10 chapters covered. Please see the assignment page for details.

Thank you. Completing this assignment by the die date will bring you 10RP. Enjoy and happy learning!